You Should Enjoy Thailand Destination

KOH LANTA – hot, friendly, peaceful, idyllic

After leaving Phuket by bus, we travel to Krabi, where we meet our French friend Océane, with whom we will travel to Thailand for the next 2 weeks from now on.

Plagued by tiredness, we arrive in Krabi in the evening. Because of laziness, we take the first bungalow that gets in our way. However, this soon turned out to be a mistake: The bungalow, which at first glance seemed clean and tidy to us, is dirty, run-down, and inhabited by insects. To make matters worse, David manages to pull off the sink in a fight over who can brush his teeth first. So we decide the next day to look for other accommodation in Krabi.

Due to our ingenious planning skills and extensive research ^^ we find ourselves at the end of the day on the island of Koh Lanta, 3 hours away, from which we had not even heard anything before.

However, this immediately turned out to be a lucky coincidence, as we can spend the next few days in a very inexpensive bungalow directly on a beautiful and completely deserted beach. The small island of Koh Lanta is located on the west coast of Thailand and has hardly been developed for tourism.

Our days are like a wellness vacation: we let ourselves be pampered with Thai massages and Thai cuisine, which we like more and more. With the scooter, we explore the entire island, whereby it also leads us to remote parts of the jungle.

PHUKET – tropical, oasis, touristic, Korean

After three eventful days in Bangkok, we travel by bus (12.5 hours) to Phuket, in the south of Thailand. Extremely crazy weather awaits us here: Torrential rain showers alternate with the blazing sun. The weather forecast unfortunately announces a 100% rain risk for the next few days. In conversation with the locals, we learn that there are still individual outlets of the monsoon.

We arrive in Phuket haphazardly. Standing in the pouring rain, we already regret not having booked a guesthouse in advance. But luck is on our side, as is so often the case on this trip: We meet a German couple who recommends a cheap and good guesthouse where we will settle for the next 10 days.

The next time we spend swimming in the warm sea (almost 30 ° C), getting a tan (luckily the weather became very sunny and hot after the first three days of rain), and enjoying the Thai cuisine.

We borrowed a scooter from the guesthouse for 200 Bath a day, with which we will now explore Phuket. With no scooter experience, we throw ourselves into the crazy traffic of Thailand. The Thais hardly know any rules and drive with everything that rolls. The roundabout becomes a test of courage and you feel like you are in a wasp’s nest.
However, the scooter gave us the opportunity to see more of Phuket and enjoy the scenic beauty.

On one of our scooter tours, we met Bullet by chance, a Turkish diving instructor who spoke perfect German. So it came about that fate paved the way for us to achieve our goal of diving training. We spent the last two days on the diving boat “Excalibur II” and completed our training there.

Now we can proudly call ourselves “Open Water Diver”. With diving, we both discovered a new passion that we will hopefully be able to pursue in Australia. The diving spots in Thailand are fantastic and are among the most beautiful in the world! We got to see seahorses, moray eels, various eels, and even sharks.


Phuket, although a tourist stronghold especially for Russians, has an incredible landscape and culture to offer. If you know your way around, you can spend the most beautiful vacation days here undisturbed by tourism. For us, the almost 1 1/2 weeks were very relaxed. We have absorbed a little more of the Thai atmosphere and an extremely positive overall picture of the country is slowly forming.

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