How Do You Find a Car Rental Special

A lot of people don’t like spending money on rental cars. Unfortunately, if you are flying to a city and don’t have family or friends there who are willing to drive you around (or let you use their vehicle), renting a car becomes a necessary expense for most trips. Even though the thought of spending money on a car rental probably won’t bring a smile to your face, there are ways to save money when you do have to rent a car.

Before the Internet (yes, I know it may be hard to remember, but there was a time before the Internet influenced almost every area of our lives), finding a car rental special was not an easy task. You had to rely on hearing about specials from your friends, seeing a car rental special advertised on a billboard or calling a car rental company, and asking if they had any specials.

Fortunately, those days are gone, and the Internet has made finding car rental specials a very easy task. Whether you use a search engine or visit car rental company websites directly, within about ten to twenty minutes of searching, you should be able to find a car rental special for the place you are visiting.

How can you find a car rental special for your next vacation? It does seem as if rental prices are steadily increasing. Is it really worth renting a car for your itinerary considering the cost? It is if you can find a car rental special since you can save anywhere from 20-50% off a standard rental price.

First, consider why car rental prices are usually so high. Many consumers do not actually book a reservation. They simply arrive according to schedule and walk over to a rental agency to pick up a car. It’s a convenient way to do business, but it is also the most expensive way to travel. Rental companies charge the steepest prices to last-minute renters. The best car rental special you will find will be online and will be booked weeks in advance.

Additionally, if you are seeking out a car rental special, then try and book your rental dates on the weekend. Weekday bookings can be pricey, so limiting your traveling to a two or three-day weekend may give you a substantial discount. If you must rent during the week then choose a car rental special for the entire weeks’ time, as these too will usually come at a discounted price.

Many Americans insist on paying 10-30% or more because they don’t think it’s worth booking a rental in advance. However, impulse buying and last-minute plans are often the most expensive. Find out more about how online booking in advance can help save you money.

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