My Best Trip to Bali Destination

The decision to travel to Bali destination was made very spontaneously during my stay in Cairns with my friend Scott. After my friends Meike and Kai have already planned their trip to Bali, I finally book my flight to the Southeast Asian dream island.

So it happens that on April 17th at 2:30 am I land at Bali’s only airport in the capital Denpasar. I haven’t booked a hostel in advance, so I’m now looking for the Ayus-In Hostel in Kuta, Bali’s main tourist destination in the south of the country, with Martin, a German backpacker I met on the plane. Kuta’s nocturnal alleys let me revive the Asian metropolis of Bangkok after just a few minutes.

We find the hostel without any major problems and the owner actually gets up to check us in the middle of the night. In terms of price, the hostel is probably the lowest you can get, and it is furnished accordingly – well, as a backpacker you don’t complain about anything…

I spend the first days in Bali alone, as Samuel and Florian will only come later. I stroll through the alleys of Kuta, go swimming at the very famous Kuta Beach, and visit the nearby tourist town of Sanur with my rented scooter. Sanur is smaller than Kuta and, in contrast to the big city, despite the many (mostly Australian) tourists, maintains an idyllic peace and quiet.

After a night in Sanur, I travel on to Ubud, the “cultural capital” of Bali. Ubud is located a little inland and can be reached by scooter in about 2 hours from Kuta. Here you can experience Bali in its pure and original traditionalist. I watch a Balinese dance performance; visit the world-famous rice terraces and the monkey forest.

After only one night in Ubud, I’m already on my way back to Kuta, as my friend Florian from Germany has already landed there in the meantime. We travel together from now on. First, we stay in Kuta and enjoy the lively nightlife there to the fullest. After 2-3 days we agree that we want to leave the bustling city to see more of the island. Florian has also borrowed a scooter and together we start to travel west along the south coast with our backpacks owed. 

Our road trip takes a total of 5 days and we completely circle the western half of the island. Highlights are a joint dinner with an extended Balinese family, a snorkeling tour on the beautiful reef around Menjangan Island on the western tip of Bali, a stay in Lovina on the north coast, and a visit to the Bratan Temple in the interior of the island. The temple was built over the surface of a mountain lake. It is of great importance for the Balinese people, who are mainly Hindu.

On April 28th, Florian and I cross the mountain range that runs through the entire interior of Bali with our scooter and returns to Kuta on this way to meet Samuel, who had already arrived the day before with his French friend Emilia is. The four of us will spend the next few days in Kuta. During the day I go surfing or swimming on Kuta Beach, and at night we all go partying together. This is how I spend my remaining days on the Indonesian island. 

My trip to Mount Batur, which I take with a Balinese friend, whom I met at the beginning of my trip to Bali, is also worth mentioning. Mount Batur is a still active volcano in the northeastern part of the island. With its height of 1717 meters, it appears almost small next to the neighboring Mount Agung (3031 meters).

The tour starts at 1:30 at night. We are picked up from the hotel and driven for two hours to a small mountain village, which is the starting point for the mountain ascent. Together with our guide, we begin to climb the volcano in the dark of the night.

The ascent takes about 3 hours and is relatively easy despite the darkness. Once at the top, it slowly begins to get dark and we can watch a sensational sunrise. The incoming brightness reveals the view of the tropical plains of the island, which expire towards the coast – a breathtaking sight! Bali can be seen almost completely from this point; you can see the sea in the south and in the north of the island.

The volcano is also a highlight in itself. There is a so-called “hot steam” where hot steam escapes from crevices in the rock. You can even boil eggs on the hot steam! Before we start the descent again, we are surprised by a large flock of monkeys that have come to the top in the hope that we will share our breakfast with them 🙂 you can see the sea in the south and in the north of the island. The volcano is also a highlight in itself. There is a so-called “hot steam” where hot steam escapes from crevices in the rock. 


Although I only spent 17 days in Bali, I really liked the island. Although there are also negative impressions of the island, such as the garbage that is even lying around on the beaches, the overall impression of the island is extremely positive.

Very nice people, beautiful and varied landscape, and an extremely interesting culture that is immediately contagious in its calm and coziness. For me personally, Bali was a very welcome change from Australia. On the island, holidays in the classic sense are possible even with a backpacker budget, which cannot be said of Australia.

In retrospect, my trip to Bali, my “vacation from the vacation”, was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my year abroad so far. I am sure this will not be my last visit to the Indonesian tropical island.

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