The Exceptional Cruising Taking Views, and Why People Love This

With so many wonderful places to visit in England, you may be thinking through your holiday options.

Why not visit Cornwall?

People who have visited Cornwall once often delight in going back. Cornish tastes, sights, and weather all lend Cornwall an undeniable charm as a holiday destination.

The Taste of Cornwall

Location, climate, and history have combined to influence Cornish cuisine in unique ways. You’ll want to enjoy some of the specialties that make up Cornish food such as various kinds of pasties, stargaze pie, and desserts with clotted cream.

Cornwall is especially known for pasties, pastry pockets stuffed with meats and vegetables. Potatoes, onions, swede (rutabagas), and beef are some of the most popular fillings.

If you like to fish, you’ll love Cornish cuisine, which has many fish dishes. One of the most interesting is the Stargaze. Though it can be made with different types of fish, including sardines, usually Stargaze pie is baked with pilchards. The important element is that the whole fish is baked into the pie with their heads sticking out of the crust.

If you have a sweet tooth, you mustn’t miss the chance to have a good cream tea. Scones (or splits) are served with jam and Cornish clotted cream. This rich cream is made from steamed cow’s milk and is a specialty of the region.

The Look and Feel of Cornwall

Whether you’re looking for views of beaches, cliffs, or moors, Cornwall has them all. You’ll discover incredible pockets of beauty everywhere on the peninsula, which has more “continuous coastline” than anywhere else in Great Britain.

If you like to combine beautiful views with historic places, visit Bos castle, a fishing village in North Cornwall. The village dates to medieval times and has a lovely harbor with stunning views of the sea.

Many breath-taking views can also be found in West Cornwall, including the famous Land’s End, located on the farthest southwestern tip of mainland Britain. Tall granite cliffs afford grand views of the coast, the Isles of Sicily, and Longships Lighthouse, originally built in and then rebuilt and re-lit in last years.

You can escape the city heat in the summer months by enjoying the cooler coastal climate of Cornwall, which has a maximum mean temperature of around 19 degrees C even in July and August. In addition to cool summers, Cornwall tends to have mild winters, making it a lovely destination year-round. Because of its southern latitude and the presence of the Gulf Stream, Cornwall also sees more sun than much of Britain.

Cornwall: a relaxing stroll on the beach, a cool summer day, a romantic cottage in a cove, a medieval church in a fishing village, a stunning cliffside view of the Atlantic, a homey kitchen table set with a delicious cream tea. What’s not to love?

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