Tips on Diamond Color and Clarity Chart for Your Selections With Fashion

Diamond is one of the most impressive and valuable among the other naturally occurring stones. To classify the value of each diamond, you can use diamonds color and clarity chart for the decision.

With its color, the most valuable diamonds in the world are the colorless diamond. However, the colorless and color diamonds can be graded into a different levels, not only based on its color but also based on its clarity at the same time. The colorless diamonds are among the most popular one, this is also increased its price in the market.

For diamond grading, based on the standard diamonds color and clarity chart, it can be classified into a different grades from D to Z for the standard colored diamond. But for the colorless diamond, it was classified as C to F which is rarely found.

These grade diamonds are among the most beautiful diamond in the world. With grade G to J, these diamonds will have a yellow tint in their body. They are the most popular and commonly found in the market. With the K to Z grade, these diamonds have a visible yellow color when you see them in the light.

For diamond clarity, information from diamonds color and clarity chart can be used to range diamond from rare, flawless, high quality down to imperfect and low quality. The clarity in a diamond refers to inclusions inside the diamonds. This inclusion is not really reduced the diamond value. It can get the diamond’s fingerprint which can distinct diamonds from each other’s.

Based on this chart, the diamonds can be divided into several categories; depending on the size of inclusion, from flawless (F), very very small inclusion (VVS), very small inclusion (VS), small inclusion (S) to large inclusion (L). In each category, it can make a subcategory with numbers 1 or 2. The ‘1’ number referred to the least count of inclusion and commonly located at the side while number ‘2’ indicates more inclusion which located in the middle. The other number, 3, indicated many inclusions at several locations inside the diamonds itself.

Diamonds in the F-class are rarely found, as it is the highest quality stone in the world. With its high quality, it means the diamond price is also high. The demand for this type is less in the market as a price is a limiting factor. The VVS-class diamonds are also difficult to see under magnification.

The VS-class diamonds can see a yellow tint under normal magnification and they are more demand for this diamond type in the market. The S-class diamonds can easily detect and quickly determine for diamond value. For the last class diamond, the L-class is the bottom diamond level. The inclusion is big enough to see by the naked eye. The price of this class is also affordable for normal people.

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