The Best Travel Vacation in England From Language Trips to Shopping Trips

Great Britain, or otherwise incorrectly called England, is a very popular travel destination. In addition to a large part of the Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland also belongs to the region of England.

The capital and thus also the metropolis of the country is London, where millions of people go every year who want to experience this cosmopolitan city live and in color. Since England is known to not shine with sunny weather and midsummer temperatures, it has other special features.

London, the tourist magnet

So England and especially London with its numerous tourist attractions has become a metropolis where globetrotters from all over the world gather. In addition, because of its good economic situation, England also attracts commuters from every imaginable country.

A trip to England can be implemented very quickly, especially from Germany. The flight to London takes just over an hour, so last-minute flights to England are no problem either. Once you arrive at your destination, you will quickly be amazed by the flair of this country. The English may seem a little rude at first, but they have a real warmth and an unsurpassed sense of humor.

A holiday on England’s coasts is certainly ideal for families who are primarily looking for relaxation and excursions, whereas trips to the big cities are almost perfect for young people and tour groups. The metropolis of London is characterized above all by the big city flair, the fast pace, and the numerous shopping opportunities.

The currency

Before the Kaufreich, however, it must be noted that in England the British pounds are still the national currency and cannot be paid with the euro. It is therefore advisable to exchange the money at the respective house bank in Germany.

Since the national language of Great Britain, namely English, is considered the world language, language trips to England are very popular with many young people. There are different ways. On the one hand, there is the school or student exchange, in which the exchange student lives with a host family and continues his education in England.

Student exchange

There is also the possibility of an au pair year, which is usually done after completing the training. The language travelers have the opportunity to consolidate their existing language skills and optimize them so that they can speak English fluently. In addition, they get to know the country and the culture really intensively, because their stay is not limited to overnight stays in a hotel, but can get to know the everyday life of the host family.

Often the parents of the exchange students take the offspring’s language trip as an opportunity to go on holiday in England and thus get to know not only the well-known tourist strongholds but also corners of the country that would probably not be explored on a normal holiday trip. England can offer a lot to all who like to have hustle and bustle at the same time.

With the extensive coastal regions in combination with the shopping and cultural strongholds not far away, England has two faces that offer something for every taste. A holiday in England is definitely worthwhile if only because the United Kingdom is hard to beat in terms of charm and diversity and the journey by plane is really pleasant and quick.

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