The Best Health Benefits of Walk-in Bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs are a great solution to bathing for people who suffer from maneuverability problems. They empower people and give bathing independence, which helps people with their personal hygiene routines and overall health and fitness. They are not just practical but can really help people to relax when bathing.

Practical solution

Being practical when bathing is essential for everyone; walk-in bathtubs are extremely useful and really make your bathroom more accessible. So what exactly are walk-in bathtubs and how do they work?

Well, a walk-in bathtub usually contains a door, which opens inward or outward. This door can be closed and there will be a watertight seal that is formed when it is. This will prevent water from leaking out of the tub whilst you are in it but the set-up also provides plenty of healthy benefits.

Safety for the elderly

Safety is paramount when using walk-in bathtubs and their design makes sure that you are as safe as you can be. Walk-in baths tubs usually feature a bath seat which helps the user to bathe with ease.

This is especially good for people who have trouble standing up as the seats are built into the structure of the tub and usually come with accompanying safety rails. These are normally found toward the front of the tub and on the sides. These baths will also contain non-skid strips which will be placed in different locations around the bathtub, helping to prevent unnecessary injuries or harm.

Improved hygiene

The walk-in bathtub’s primary function is to help the user enter the bathtub easily and safely. The door is easily closed once the user is inside and can then be filled up with water. The user may prefer to use an adjustable showerhead to bathe them and this option is available with most walk-in bathtubs. If the user is having a bath then the water must drain out before the door can be opened – promoting safety and improving personal hygiene which is essential to good health.

Independence and maneuverability

The big benefit of walk-in bathtubs is the independence that they provide.  With a walk-in bathtub, users can wash without having to rely on help from a third party and this freedom is great for an elderly individual’s mental health.

Maneuverability is also promoted as individuals are able to continue with their everyday routines. It may not seem like much but this action can help keep joints supple and moving, promoting good health and fitness.

Request a bathing solutions brochure today to see their range of walk-in bathtubs and learn about more of the benefits available from these fantastic appliances.

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