The Best Advantage of a Used Car

New cars depreciate rapidly in their first years. After 3 years, only about 60-70% of the initial value is left, and a new car becomes very quickly a used car. From the buyer’s point of view, it means that used cars will retain their value for longer as the initial plunge in worth has been absorbed by the original owners.

A lower price tag is an obvious reason for choosing used cars over new ones, and the retention of value is a great bonus. However, economical car deals are not the only reason. To a great surprise, practicality or even thirst for luxury might act as factors in the choice.

The association between luxury and second-hand cars might not be too apparent, but choosing a used car can make all the extra features of our dreams affordable.

The lucky buyer could end up with a customized car for no extra cost. And, rather than having to wait for weeks for a new car to be delivered, it becomes possible to drive off with the perfect car at that moment.

Despite all the benefits, buying a used car does have an element of risk to it. It lowers with careful research and inspection but finding out whether a car is accident-free, whether its meter reads the right mileage, or whether it has been maintained properly can be tough.

Buying from a franchised used car dealer will lower the risk involved. Dealers check their cars thoroughly; they cater to a full-service history and guarantee correct mileage. Prices might be slightly higher than on the private market, but your rights as a consumer will be legally protected.

In the used car markets, the best deal is not necessarily the cheapest one. There is usually a reason for a bargain, so buying wisely will be more rewarding. Remember to always keep the following tips in mind:
1. Do your research. Know what you are after when you go to a dealership.
2. Check the car. Don’t only believe what you’re being told, but bring the car for inspection to a mechanic you trust. Never sign a contract until the car has been inspected by someone trustworthy.
3. Read the papers you sign very thoroughly before you sign.

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