How the Business Growth Strategies From the Movie Scarface Just Won’t Work

Sometimes business growth strategies can come from the strangest places. In this article, we look at how a business development strategy quoted in the film Scarface needs to be transposed for use in legitimate enterprises.

In this movie about drug trafficking, there is a famous quote which suggests that first, you get the money, then you get the power and then you get the people (this is the polite version of the quote).

If you apply this to business methodologies then what is actually proposed is that first, you get the capital investment/funding, then you will start to gain a larger share of the market and then you will begin to attract a high-caliber of employees to your firm.

While this growth strategy may work in black market economies (due to the lack of rules and fear that is inherent in these underworld activities) it needs to be completely reversed in order to become applicable to genuine enterprises.

Any company, especially small start-ups, will tell you that the first thing you need to get is the right employees. You start with a small retinue of key employees to shape the initial ideas, business plan, and product lines for the firm. This can shape the subsequent years of business for the enterprise and dictate whether they will be successful are not.

The work of these initial employees guides the project management and delivery of new product lines into the marketplace, and should ultimately lead to gains in market share (i.e. the power which Scarface referred to) if their innovation strategy and marketing is correct.

Finally, ever-increasing market share will ultimately lead to increased profits as the company make greater use of its product line and benefit from economies of scale and begin outsourcing work if necessary.

That might be conceivable to state that the Scarface quote does apply to some industries. As an example, Google managed to gain a lot of investment then grew a huge market share and finally started attracting employees drawn to their innovative business model.

However, if you look back to their earlier days you will see that their business growth strategies were first initiated by key employees who defined the products and business model that the company was going to follow, and this led to their increasing market share (thanks to their effective search technology) and subsequent profits (due to their innovative online advertising ideas).

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